Compiled by Louis A. Bettencourtt

I have information on 700+ individuals and 200+ families representing 100+ surnames covering nearly three hundred years in this database.

The Surname lineage in this database, and most commonly represented, are :

BETTENCOURTT & related: Tibaldi, Montegut, Speiss, Raynes, Fender

RAYNES & related: Brackin, Alsobrooks, McMullen

SPEISS & related: Meyer, Gruenewald, Winkler

MONTEGUT & related: Germain

McMULLEN & related: Dunlap, Scott, Bolin, Turner

ALSOBROOKS & related: Parker, Noland

FENDER & related: Pipkin

PIPKIN & related: Rozier, Hart

If you are connected to these families, please contact me.

I would also appreciate family pictures, descriptions, clarifications, photocopies and printed transcriptions from Family Bibles, family records, etc. If you can get the pictures in digital format, this would help a lot, but mail a reprint of them if you can't. Please don't send your only family picture.

Anyone who lives near any of these graves, please send me digital pictures of the tombstones, and the front gate of the graveyard, showing the name.

Update 20 May, 2005

I will be posting the tree soon, as I get some corrections done.

This tree is a work in progress. I will be breaking the tree down into it's natural branches later on, as it builds. If you take a portion of this, and add to it, I would like to get a copy of your work. Thanks..

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